OPHIDIAN Tarot: Tarot reading Services

Tarot readings for individuals, couples, Coworkers, groups, and special events.

Perspectives on relationships, career, and your life's path

I can help you gain perspective on your relationships, career, work through creative blocks, consider the rewards and challenges of beginning a new path, and much more.

Tarot is a mirror that reflects our present and provides insight into our past. It provides direction rather than revealing a future to which we are bound because we have free will. Tarot is a powerful tool that can help us prepare for and make better future choices.

I have been studying and reading tarot for over fifteen years. My interpretive style is intuitive and experiential, poetic yet direct. I have read for hundreds of clients over the years. I look forward to reading for you.

Find me at Arcana in December 2017:
Thurs, 12/7; Sat, 12/9; Sun, 12/17; Wed, 11/22; Wed, 12/27.

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What's in a name? ophidian tarot

Ophidian denotes serpents. In many cultures and symbol systems, serpents symbolize transformation, change, creativity, and renewal. Ophidian is an apt moniker for the way I practice tarot. Tarot is a tool for reflection and transformation.

Tarot Readings at Arcana

I've been reading tarot regularly at Arcana since the underground bar and lounge opened in December, 2015 in Durham, NC.  Readings at Arcana are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. On Wednesday nights, I read from 8:30pm-midnight, and on other nights: 8pm until 11:30pm (at least!). I accept cash, credit, Venmo, or PayPal for payment.

Individual tarot readings at Arcana:
10 minutes: $10 (5 cards)
- A short, yet in-depth reading that covers past, present, and what lies on your horizon. This is an ideal choice for first-timers.
15 minutes: $15 (7 cards) - Seven cards are great for decision making especially when two potential paths or decisions are involved.
20 minutes: $20 (10 cards) - The traditional Celtic Cross spread is comprised of 10 cards and is a good choice for a variety of situations whether you have a specific question or not.
$5 for additional cards (2-3 cards)

Readings for two or three at Arcana: 20 minutes for $35; 30 minutes for $45

Find me at Arcana in december 2017: Thurs, 12/7; Sat, 12/9; Sun, 12/17; Wed, 12/22; Wed, 12/27.


Tarot Readings at Selected Cafes & Bars; at your home or mine; Or Via Skype

Private readings provide more time for us to reflect on your current situation, explore questions about your next steps, and any number of concerns. Let my experience and creative, intuitive approach work for you. I accept cash, credit, Venmo, or PayPal for payment. Prepayment required for Skype readings. Use the contact form to schedule a private appointment, or call 919.907.0718.


30 minutes: $45; 1 hour: $60
Established clients have the option of scheduling to have a reading in my home. I'll provide tea.

Tarot Readings in your home (Carrboro, CHAPEL HILL, DURHAM)

45 minutes: $75; 1 hour: $100
In-home readings for selected locations outside of Carrboro, Chapel Hill, or Durham available for an additional fee. Only 1 hour readings available for clients located more than 30 minutes from Durham.

Tarot Readings by Skype (Video)

30 minutes: $45; 1 hour: $60


I've read for couples, business partners, and for groups of people working on creative projects. I work to help couples and groups understand their paths and processes together while valuing each individual's background and unique perspective.

tarot readings for two to three

At Arcana (readings on a first-come, first-served basis; see their calendar for my scheduled times): 20 minutes for $35; 30 minutes for $45
At selected cafes: 30 minutes for $60; 1 hour for $90
In your home (Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham): 1 hour for $125
In-home readings for selected locations outside of Carrboro, Chapel Hill, or Durham available for an additional fee.

tarot readings for groups (up to Ten people)

Having a party for you and a few friends? Let's talk! Rates begin at $100 an hour depending on the size and location of your group. If you plan to have a monthly or quarterly event, for example, book me in advance for a discounted rate.

Use the Contact form to schedule an appointment or call 919.907.0718. I accept cash, credit, Venmo, or PayPal for payment.


Let me read tarot for your guests at your next event. I've read tarot for guests of The Carrack's Muse Masquerade and The North Carolina Museum of Art's ArtScene, and for several celebrations, birthdays, and dance parties at Arcana. Interested? Contact me or call 919.907.0718 for availability and more information. I accept cash, credit, Venmo, or PayPal for payment.

Special Public Events at Arcana (Dance Parties, Pagan Soirees, Cabarets, and MOre)

If you'd like to book me as a reader for your public event at Arcana, let Erin or Lindsey know in the early planning stages of your event so they can check the calendar and consult with me about my availability. For public events, you don't pay me; I charge guests my regular Arcana rates ($10, $15, $20).  For private events at Arcana, see below.

Special Private Events (Birthdays, Non-profit events, Corporate events, and more)

Beginning at $150 an hour depending on the size (11 people or more) and location of your event. Two hour minimum.
Lower rates are negotiable for selected non-profit organizations, local artists, and other creatives--especially those interested in building long-term relationships for fundraising and community events centered on inclusion and creativity.
Lower rates are also negotiable for private events held at Arcana.


Selected Past Events:
October 28th: Durham Zombie Lurch: 4-6pm at Sam's Quik Shop (Erwin Rd)
October 28th: Darcana: Gothic Masquerade: Arcana Bar and Lounge
April 29th: NCMA ARTSCEne 2017: Zoned Out; Future Fortune Tarot Readings
July 15th: ART PARTY: QUEERING: Portrait Paintings x Sass.Art; Come to the Artist's Talk (7-8pm) and Stay for Tarot and more (8-11pm).
The Carrack's 2016 Muse Masquerade
I've read at numerous events at Arcana including cabarets, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, and many pagan celebrations, and, of course, dance parties like Goth Prom and Seance.


want to give a tarot reading as a gift?