Tarot client testimonials

Jameela is a very talented and gifted tarot reader. Over the years I have had tarot readings by others, however my reading with Jameela was different than any other previous reading. Jameela brings a level of intellectualism and insight which I have not had with any other tarot reader. She was very clear, direct and grounded in her reading which for me heightened how the reading was relatable to my life.
— Kelsie Foster, PhD, California; Skype Reading
Jameela guided me through a decision by using a spread that resembled a fork in the road. Her interpretation helped me see with great clarity the challenges, skills, insight and fortitude needed if I chose to move forward. If I chose not to move forward, the path illuminated another set of outcomes. Both were favorable, and I appreciated that she highlighted the strengths and drawbacks of each path and what the cards were communicating as a whole. Her insight and interpretation allowed me to feel at ease making a decision that had initially seemed very difficult. I really trust that Jameela has the skills to guide anyone using her keen sense of intuition and years of experience practicing this art form.
— Ricky Bratz, Herbalist & Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner at Cazimi Healing; Reading at Arcana

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