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Ohidian Tarot: Arcana Rates



We are not bound to the structures of established tarot spreads or layouts; my extensive reading experience (nearly 18 years) allows a depth of freedom and creativity.
I enjoy guiding clients through intuitive readings with affirmative speech and clear questions.

Scroll down to see all available options. I accept cash, Venmo, PayPal, or a major credit card (except Discover) for payment.


Individual tarot readings at Arcana:

10 minutes: $10 (5 cards) - A short, yet in-depth reading that covers past, present, and what lies on your horizon. This is an ideal choice for first-timers.
15 minutes: $15 (7 cards) - Seven cards are great for decision making especially when two potential paths or decisions are involved.
20 minutes: $20 (10 cards) - The traditional Celtic Cross spread is comprised of 10 cards and is a good choice for a variety of situations whether you have a specific question or not.
$5 for additional cards (2-3 cards)
Things to note: I am not an employee of Arcana. Tipping after a tarot reading is not required, but it is always appreciated—especially with PayPal and credit card payments because I pay a fee per transaction.

Readings for two or three at Arcana:

20 minutes for $35 (7 cards); 30 minutes for $45 (8-10 cards)

August 2019: Thurs, 8/8, 8p-midnight; Sun, 8/11, 8p-midnight; Fri, 8/16, 8:15p-midnight or later; Tues, 8/27, 8p-midnight; Fri, 8/30, 8p-midnight.

September 2019: Thurs, 9/5, 8p-midnight; Thurs, 9/12, 8p-midnight; Fri, 9/20, 8p-midnight.

Readings at Arcana are offered on a first-come, first-served basis; however, it is possible to reserve a time in certain circumstances. Contact me to inquire about an arrangement. See their calendar or check above for my scheduled times.

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